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True Fire Protection, Inc. is your fire protection contractor for the very best in design and installation, consultation, retrofit/tenant improvement and inspection.
Design / Build


True Fire Protection designs, engineers and installs fire protection systems in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

We create aesthetially pleasing designs for many custom homes, commercial and industrial buildings on the Central Coast.


True Fire Protection works closely with the client to create a superior design that is pleasing to the eye and holds to the rigorous standards of fire safety code.



Large or complex projects benefit from early consultation with a fire protection contractor.  True Fire Protection's goal is creating a superior design for both fire safety and aesthetics.


True Fire Protection works closely with our clients to design the system and provide specifications that can be used for installation. 


Our jobs have ranged from historic structures to large industrial plants to cannabis facilities.  For the complex job, a consultation with True Fire Protection makes for an efficient, aesthetically pleasing and cost effective system.




Timely inspection of your fire protection results in lower insurance rates.  Safeguard your investment and maintain building fire safety with the assurance your system is in compliance and good working order at all times.


True Fire Protection's unique service programs provide quarterly, annual and five-year inspections to ensure seamless conformance to local and state regulatory requirments.


"Owning a fire sprinkler system without having it inspected is like owning a car and never changing the oil." - NFSA



Retrofit / Tenant Improvement

​True Fire Protection retrofits and expands existing fire protection systems for tenant improvement and home additions.


We work with the contractor and client to minimize disruption to business and family life. 


Business customers are able to continue their services during the retrofit process if necessary.​


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